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About Nisah Cheatham

Nisah Cheatham -- Chicago-based city/urban & travel photography
-- 48 States, 25 Countries, 43 World Heritage Sites

During my 25+ years in enterprise back-end systems IT, I always needed a creative outlet. Photography seemed to be the perfect fit. It's a wonderful combination of technical + creative storytelling. As such, once I got into it ... it just clicked. [pun fully intended]

Though, I do remember photography lessons when I was young - on 110 film! It's when I started traveling more earnestly that I re-caught the bug & quickly went through four different camera/camera systems.

I consider myself an urban travel photographer. I gravitate towards city life & urban architecture, or natural landscapes showing that bit of that human element. I rarely take wildlife or pure landscape shots, but when the mood strikes you never know - my photography style keeps changing and growing. The goal is to try to get photos that bring me back to the original vibes + emotions.

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